Hi, I'm Cam!

I'm a
✨Narrative Designer and Writer✨

I'm currently working as a game designer at Schell Games, as well as working part time on a variety of other projects. I program for the two dating sims Validate and Pen Pal Princess, as well as writing for an unannounced horror game.

I'm most interested in creating games that are either horror, weird or absurd! That's not to say I don't love to create games that have deep, and meaningful narratives as well, those are just my favorite! Some of my favorite games are those that allow the player to interpret the narrative, and stay more open-ended, so those are the kinds of games I want to create in the future.

Outside of games and game development, I also enjoy reading, acrylic painting, and baking. Any office I work in will always get fresh baked goods every so often.

Skills and Tools