About the Game

THEMALL is a short experience about being lost in a liminal mall. There are seven different stores to explore, along with a few secret rooms. The stores themselves aren't always accessible, as they have their own schedules.

THEMALL is less of a "traditional" game, and more of a experience of stores and sounds. Each store has it's own music track, and occasionally fully voiced announcements are made!


  • Lead a team of designers and artists
  • Created moodboards to help team to understand the vibes
  • Implemented most of the art and stores
  • Wrote all voice lines

What I Learned

This game is one of my favorites that I have ever made. The motto that the team and I had while creating it was "No form. Only Vibes.", which basically meant that we had a very basic design, and focused on what we wanted the player to feel. We spent a day brainstorming what different stores could be by creating moodboards, and finding weird or surreal images online, before settling on a few and getting to work. We used a combination of 2D and 3D art assets that we either made or found for free online.


screencap one screencap two
screencap three screencap four